food in iran


Rice is the staple food in Iran and the Iranian cuisine is mainly rice dishes cooked with fresh vegetables, herbs and meat mainly lamb and mutton. The Iranian kebabs are scrumptious delights with a very unique flavor. Some of the most popular dishes not to be missed are chelo khoresh (rice topped with vegetables and meat stew),chelo (pilaf rice), polo sabzi (pilaf rice cooked with fresh herbs),shirin polo (sweet-sour saffron-colored rice with raisins, almonds and orange), adas polo (rice, lentils and meat), morgh polo (chicken and pilaf rice), chelo kabab(rice with skewered meats cooked over charcoal), koofte (minced meat formed into meatballs), koofte gusht (meatloaf), abgusht (thick stew), khoreshe badinjan (mutton and aubergine stew), mast-o-khiar (cold yogurt-based soup flavored with mint, chopped cucumber and raisins) and dolmeh (stuffed aubergine, courgettes or peppers).


Iranian’s favorite beverage is tea, served hot, black and strong. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices, milk shakes and yogurt drinks are also very popular. Mineral water is readily available throughout Iran. Alcohol consumption is strictly forbidden especially to Islamic Iranians. But it is permitted on special permissions to non-Muslims and for certain specific religious occasions like the wine communions in churches.