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All nationalities are very welcome to visit Iran

Iran visa process is not complicated at all and Contrary to popular belief; it is very easy. At first you must choose your preferred process which differs depending upon nationalities and then follow. Here are different processes:
• Some nationalities can apply for Iran visa as VOA visa or touristy one. VOA is the abbreviation of” Visa on arrival” and the applicant choose to enter Iran through one of these six major Airport : Tehran Mehrabad & Imam Khomeini, Isfahan, Mashhad , Tabriz and shiraz, do a paperwork at the airport visa office and get their visa. This kind of visa is issued for 14 days and extendable to more 14 days. Just please consider that you need to have a confirmed return ticket , a valid passport with at least 6 months validity and a photo to be attached to the application form. Another required document is Address and contact number of the place in which they want to stay in Iran or Hotel booking confirmation for duration of their stay in Iran. Its rate is EUR50.00 for each applicant and EUR10.00 for each companion.


  The nationality that can get such a visa are:

Albania Armenia Australia Austria Azerbaijan
Bahrain Belarus Belgium Bosnia Herzegovina Brazil
Brunei Bulgaria China Croatia
Cuba Cyprus Denmark Finland France
Georgia Germany Greece Hungary India
Indonesia Ireland (Rep.) Italy Japan Kazakhstan
Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Lebanon Luxembourg Malaysia
Mexico Mongolia Netherlands New Zealand North Korea
Norway Oman Palestine Peru Philippines
Poland Portugal Qatar Romania Russian Federation
Saudi Arabia Singapore Slovak (Rep.) Slovenia South Korea
Spain Sweden Switzerland Syria Tajikistan
Thailand Turkmenistan Ukraine UAE Uzbekistan
Venezuela Vietnam Yugoslavia Austria Azerbaijan

• You aren’t of the above nationals; never mind, we have another process for you. It is called “touristy visa” and through this kind, you must at first find a trustworthy and reputable travel agency in Iran and ask them an invitation letter. In fact this letter is a six-digit number which MFA will issue after a 5 to 40 working days. Don’t surprised about the number of needed days because it will be different based on your nationality again. American, British and Canadian nationals need 30 /40 working days and the others between 5 /10 working days. Needed documents will be different based on nationalities again:

1. Since based on governmental rules, American, British and Canadian nationals must be within a tour and have a guide during their travel to Iran; so, must finalize their itinerary and send it to their determined travel agent with application form and passport copy.
2. Other nationals don’t need to have a fixed itinerary and their application form and passport copy is enough. You can the travel agent to send their application form or find it in their website.


Some information which is useful to know :

1. Iran visa has 90 days validity and the visa holder can travel to Iran during these 90 days for maximum 30 days.
2. After you get your invitation letter from the travel agent , wait three days and then call your selected Iran embassy to check whether they have received this number from MFA or not ; because based on rules , your invitation letter will be sent to both travel agent and your selected Iran embassy after issuance.
3. This process has two different payment process ,too:
• Mfa paper work fee that you must pay to travel agency.
• Embassy paperwork fee that your selected Iran embassy will charge you.
• Before apply for your visa, please check your passport and sure that it has at least 6 months validity.
• This process may change, so, contact your travel agency and check.

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